Smile More

A great number of people live their life too busy to truly appreciate when good things happen. They may intellectually take note, but given their busy schedule full of tasks, obligations and distractions they move on quickly, often without another thought.

3 Reasons to Stop and Smile More:

1. Learn to celebrate the wins! Life is constantly serving up challenging moments or obstacles that we must face. So when something positive happens acknowledge it, savior the moment, reward yourself and let your friends, family, and co-workers share in the excitement. No matter how big or small… It’s a win!!!

2. We aren’t perfect. No where is it written that we are supposed to be perfect human beings. Yet, so many of us put so much pressure on ourselves, living in constant fear of not being perfect all the time, in every aspect of our lives.

Fact: We all have things in our life we can improve on.

Fact: We all make mistakes.

So relax. Stop living in fear and focusing on the negative because it’s a much shorter list than all the positive things in your life that is worth celebrating.

3. Be Thankful, EVERYDAY, for both the good and bad things. When we are feeling uncomfortable and things aren’t going our way, these are the times when we grow and learn the most. As difficult as it is, when you are feeling down or upset, be appreciative of whatever adversity you are facing including the people that may be causing you anger and frustration. Think of these moments as only a test and once the lesson is passed, be proud that you will emerge a better person, a stronger person elevated to a higher level.

~ Lianne

Smile More