Being Effective is More Important than Being Right

Growing up society teaches us to apply ourselves and study hard because getting as many right answers as possible means you’re smart and you’ll rise to the top. Unfortunately in the corporate world, success isn’t automatic just because you’re right.  Knowing how to be EFFECTIVE, instead, serves you better in the long haul.

This is probably one of the toughest lessons to learn, especially when people are fighting to be recognized, promoted and respected in the work place.

I’ve witnessed countless of co-workers, despite being intelligent, sociable and on the fast track, stall out their careers because they don’t understand this fundamental truth.  They are so intent on pushing their agenda (socially or politically), being the loudest voice or hammering away trying to prove how right they are, they don’t realize until its too late that they have actually failed.  Sure they have the right answer, most if not all the time, but while they are following the correct process, or reacting to what is fair… They neglect to recognize the people they are alienating or how much animosity surrounds them.


It truly is an art in being able to detect when solving a problem needs a different solution or just handled in a different manner.  Time is always short, but it is more productive to take a pause, remember what the end goal is and determine a new course of action.  You don’t have to like the situation or agree with those that stand in your way.  Stay professionally mature, leave your ego behind and consider the views of others including how they are emotionally responding to you.  By behaving in a more effective manner, you are more likely to be successful at reaching your goals when you emotionally bring others along with you.

By the way, a worthy lesson to apply in your personal life too ;).  The next time you are fighting with your spouse, remember it doesn’t matter if you are right… Figure out how you can be more effective in order to solve the issue at hand.

~ Lianne