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Never too Late to Change Priorities

Whether you first heard about the “Eulogy Exercise” from reading Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or you learned this powerful insight from another life coach, there’s a good chance you had an epiphany.  That moment opened your eyes to revisit your priorities and start living your life with a higher self-awareness.

Considering how you want to be memorialized at your funeral, makes you sit back and define what success looks like to YOU.  Will the stories boast how you hit volume and profit targets, share your thousands of Facebook friends or how you willingly passed on time spent with loved ones in lieu of work? Or will those precious moments, instead, celebrate how you lived your life with honesty, kindness and integrity?

Life is short.

Change Priorities

Don’t be afraid to pivot or change priorities:

  1. Choose carefully who and how you spend your moments. Trying to make everybody happy is impossible.
  2. Be brave. Stop wasting energy with those you don’t like or at a job simply going through the motions.
  3. Be selective. Allow your story to unfold based on the person you truly want to be remembered for.

Use the experiences you want friends and family to remember, as your guide.  Be honest with yourself about what you value versus simply what you want.

Two very different questions… Two very different outcomes.

~ Lianne

Reflect and Take Action

It’s never too early or too late to pause and reflect.  As you think of the last few months or how the past year is shaping up compared to what your goals are, consider these 10 Career Lessons from Bernard Marr… And Take Action.


~ Lianne

Live Life To The Fullest


Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect… To Be Wonderful

Do you live each day with purpose, conscious and in the present?

Are you focused on the right priorities that will help you grow into a kind, generous and loving person?

When something unexpected happens (and surprises always do) how open minded are you?

When we woke up this morning, we were handed a gift called “today.”  Not only is this gift precious but also priceless.  Consequently, anything of value should always bring an increased desire and responsibility to not lose, waste or throw away that gift.  While it’s completely logical that as we move through life we accumulate stuff: knowledge, experiences both good and bad, material possessions, connections, even weight. There is one thing we will never gain… Time.

Knowing each day, each moment, is precious:

  1. Discipline yourself to live each day to the fullest.
  2. Have the courage to live your life on your terms, following your own goals and inner voice.
  3. Choose to live each moment with passion and commitment.
  4. Eliminate the noise and distractions of others who don’t believe, support or pump you up.
  5. Life isn’t measured on a curve so avoid comparing yourself to others which only robs you of joy
  6. Most important, be the best you can be, knowing you only live each day once.

~ Lianne

Being Effective is More Important than Being Right

Growing up society teaches us to apply ourselves and study hard because getting as many right answers as possible means you’re smart and you’ll rise to the top. Unfortunately in the corporate world, success isn’t automatic just because you’re right.  Knowing how to be EFFECTIVE, instead, serves you better in the long haul.

This is probably one of the toughest lessons to learn, especially when people are fighting to be recognized, promoted and respected in the work place.

I’ve witnessed countless of co-workers, despite being intelligent, sociable and on the fast track, stall out their careers because they don’t understand this fundamental truth.  They are so intent on pushing their agenda (socially or politically), being the loudest voice or hammering away trying to prove how right they are, they don’t realize until its too late that they have actually failed.  Sure they have the right answer, most if not all the time, but while they are following the correct process, or reacting to what is fair… They neglect to recognize the people they are alienating or how much animosity surrounds them.


It truly is an art in being able to detect when solving a problem needs a different solution or just handled in a different manner.  Time is always short, but it is more productive to take a pause, remember what the end goal is and determine a new course of action.  You don’t have to like the situation or agree with those that stand in your way.  Stay professionally mature, leave your ego behind and consider the views of others including how they are emotionally responding to you.  By behaving in a more effective manner, you are more likely to be successful at reaching your goals when you emotionally bring others along with you.

By the way, a worthy lesson to apply in your personal life too ;).  The next time you are fighting with your spouse, remember it doesn’t matter if you are right… Figure out how you can be more effective in order to solve the issue at hand.

~ Lianne

Spaghetti or Waffles

I can’t wait to share this ingenious analogy I heard recently on describing the differences between how Women and Men think and process life. Bare with me while I summarize… But if you want to read the entire article by Bill and Pam Farrel:



Women process and think like a plate of spaghetti. How they talk or act is all intertwined like a plate of spaghetti noodles. Attempting to isolate (grab) one noodle is impossible because women’s thought processes and issues are connected on several levels.


Men on the other hand compartmentalize and deal with life like a waffle. Each box of the waffle is one thought or issue, isolated from the other boxes. Men live in one box at a time.

Respect and appreciate both because they are amazing in their own way!

~ Patty C


Smile More

A great number of people live their life too busy to truly appreciate when good things happen. They may intellectually take note, but given their busy schedule full of tasks, obligations and distractions they move on quickly, often without another thought.

3 Reasons to Stop and Smile More:

1. Learn to celebrate the wins! Life is constantly serving up challenging moments or obstacles that we must face. So when something positive happens acknowledge it, savior the moment, reward yourself and let your friends, family, and co-workers share in the excitement. No matter how big or small… It’s a win!!!

2. We aren’t perfect. No where is it written that we are supposed to be perfect human beings. Yet, so many of us put so much pressure on ourselves, living in constant fear of not being perfect all the time, in every aspect of our lives.

Fact: We all have things in our life we can improve on.

Fact: We all make mistakes.

So relax. Stop living in fear and focusing on the negative because it’s a much shorter list than all the positive things in your life that is worth celebrating.

3. Be Thankful, EVERYDAY, for both the good and bad things. When we are feeling uncomfortable and things aren’t going our way, these are the times when we grow and learn the most. As difficult as it is, when you are feeling down or upset, be appreciative of whatever adversity you are facing including the people that may be causing you anger and frustration. Think of these moments as only a test and once the lesson is passed, be proud that you will emerge a better person, a stronger person elevated to a higher level.

~ Lianne

Smile More