Tomorrow’s Leader

Are there times at work when you hear someone bad mouthing or disrespecting their spouse? Not only is it uncomfortable, but doesn’t it make you wonder what they’re saying about you when you’re not around? In my humble opinion, the most over looked question when an organization is choosing their future leaders, is: How do people feel around this specific individual? How does this individual think, speak, and act towards others… In private and in public?

In our fast paced, immediate results driven world, many corporate cultures fail to recognize the critical importance of “people” leaders. (I’m not judging people based on if they are nice to your face or that they have never been rude.) I’m referring to HOW someone interacts with others, at levels above AND below them, HOW they speak and refer to others, especially those close to them and HOW they make people feel when they are present. ie. What is their level of emotional intelligence?

Sure, there are many smart leaders that stand out when measured on business results. But, that doesn’t necessarily make them strong people leaders. In fact, with the speed and influence of technology today and the social skills demonstrated by the Y and Millennial generations, we seem to have lost the “personal” qualities we took for granted in a strong leader, that was so prevalent not so long ago. A leadership style that instead finds comfort in texting or emailing over face to face interactions, disregards the need for an inclusive and safe environment. Perfecting the art of politics for promotional purposes and the strategic interjection of superficial kindness, grooms negative environments, toxic teams and is often counter productive.

The best leaders build and nurture a positive, inclusive and productive culture around themselves and demonstrates both effective personal and business leadership qualities. One of the strongest indicators that can predict the strength of one’s personal leadership ability is if they speak frequently about the positive aspects of their spouse/significant other.


Strong people leaders intentionally create and reinforce a positive atmosphere allowing their teams and co-workers to hear how highly they regard their spouse. In turn, their teams feel safe knowing their leader speaks highly, respects and supports them.

Not only is it a smart proactive move to praise and show respect towards your spouse, warding off any temptation of adultery. But, you are guaranteed to stand out as a people leader. Others will be attracted to you not only as a strong business leader who mentors or guides them on business issues, but they will seek out your company because you are a positive influence who values those around him/her.

Love and respect… Go hand in hand.

~ Lianne

Lead with Your Heart, Not Just Your Head

Whatever age young you are, there’s at least one person(s) that has made a positive lasting impression on you. You may have crossed paths with this person at work, or they might have been your coach, teacher or someone you had the pleasure of interacting with at a friend’s party. No matter the circumstances, why does this one particular individual stick in your mind? What makes them so memorable?


This person may have initially caught your attention because of a story they shared, their skills or experiences. But, it was their immense heart that captivated you, connected with you and left a lasting impression.


Michael Hyatt chats about intentionally taking steps to safe guard this most important leadership asset. No different than taking certain measures to keep your body healthy like exercise and a healthy diet, Michael recommends taking care of your heart by:
1. Taking time to reflect
2. Getting plenty of rest
3. Balancing your recreation/play time
4. Intentionally building your non-business, non-strategic relationships

Can you imagine how healthy corporations would be if more leaders focused on growing their heart?

~ Lianne