Good vs. Evil


Even if you are responsible for creating a situation that completely gets out of control, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, helpless and vulnerable…

Hold onto your core beliefs and use whatever ounce of energy left to remain hopeful and positive.

Focus that GOOD will conquer evil.

~ Lisa Keuker

Don’t Accept Defeat

Have you ever been in a situation that if you weren’t personally living it, and you heard the story from someone else, there’s NO way you would think it to be true? All of us have been there…

At this very moment, someone dear to me is living a nightmare… Six weeks and counting in fact. She is the first to admit that she made the initial mistake that started this ball unraveling. But, is being too trusting and believing people are honest a reason for her to be held hostage in her own home with no support from the legal system?

Lisa and Nicholas, I know I speak on behalf of your family and friends… Don’t give up. Keep fighting and outwit this homeless person that seems to think she can run you out of your own home. If she had half a brain she would leave now… Running. When you finally find that loop hole in the legal system, she will regret she ever stepped into your life and took advantage of your generosity and kindness.

This song is for you:



A Legacy Lives On

Today was very humbling… We were blessed to attend the home going of Dr. Charles L. Sifford. Many beautiful memories and messages were shared about Charlie and how he lived his life as an ambassador to all.

One gentleman poetically captured Charlie’s passion for golf, comparing it to the life he led:

1. Your ultimate goal in golf is to make a hole in one, without taking additional strokes.
2. You have to make the cut, to make the money…. You need to have discipline.
3. Many bring The Lord onto the course with them… And many need it lol
4. Just because you hit a great shot, it’s not over until you finish the hole.

Golf = Life to many. If you live your life like a pro golfer, like Charlie, you are guaranteed entrance into heaven… That’s the ultimate Hole in One.

Thank you Dr. Sifford for being an inspiration to so many. You broke down barriers and paved the way for all races. You were loved by many and will be remembered…

~ R&L


Bosses, Leaders and Rulers


The fundamental link between good and great companies, THEIR LEADERS.

Having the right leadership at the helm while using the right means for setting clear expectations, giving people the proper tools and resources and then stepping out of the way to let them do their job, is the ONLY way to lead and get the best out of your team.

Sticks, beatings and power drunk bosses aren’t leaders at all, they are actually called RULERS. And history has told us time and time again that rulers don’t last long before they are removed from society and sent packing.

~ Mark Federighi

Reflecting Back…

On behalf of a beautiful soul, known by her friends and family as being incredibly beautiful, sweet, kind hearted but hard working… These days she shares her days and nights reflecting. Reflecting back on her life as she fights brain cancer.

When asked today what one message she would like to share with others…

She answered ”It took this cancer to find purpose and the meaning of life.”

When asked “What would that be?”

She replied “Kindness”.


~ Lianne