Never too Late to Change Priorities

Whether you first heard about the “Eulogy Exercise” from reading Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or you learned this powerful insight from another life coach, there’s a good chance you had an epiphany.  That moment opened your eyes to revisit your priorities and start living your life with a higher self-awareness.

Considering how you want to be memorialized at your funeral, makes you sit back and define what success looks like to YOU.  Will the stories boast how you hit volume and profit targets, share your thousands of Facebook friends or how you willingly passed on time spent with loved ones in lieu of work? Or will those precious moments, instead, celebrate how you lived your life with honesty, kindness and integrity?

Life is short.

Change Priorities

Don’t be afraid to pivot or change priorities:

  1. Choose carefully who and how you spend your moments. Trying to make everybody happy is impossible.
  2. Be brave. Stop wasting energy with those you don’t like or at a job simply going through the motions.
  3. Be selective. Allow your story to unfold based on the person you truly want to be remembered for.

Use the experiences you want friends and family to remember, as your guide.  Be honest with yourself about what you value versus simply what you want.

Two very different questions… Two very different outcomes.

~ Lianne