Live Life To The Fullest


Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect… To Be Wonderful

Do you live each day with purpose, conscious and in the present?

Are you focused on the right priorities that will help you grow into a kind, generous and loving person?

When something unexpected happens (and surprises always do) how open minded are you?

When we woke up this morning, we were handed a gift called “today.”  Not only is this gift precious but also priceless.  Consequently, anything of value should always bring an increased desire and responsibility to not lose, waste or throw away that gift.  While it’s completely logical that as we move through life we accumulate stuff: knowledge, experiences both good and bad, material possessions, connections, even weight. There is one thing we will never gain… Time.

Knowing each day, each moment, is precious:

  1. Discipline yourself to live each day to the fullest.
  2. Have the courage to live your life on your terms, following your own goals and inner voice.
  3. Choose to live each moment with passion and commitment.
  4. Eliminate the noise and distractions of others who don’t believe, support or pump you up.
  5. Life isn’t measured on a curve so avoid comparing yourself to others which only robs you of joy
  6. Most important, be the best you can be, knowing you only live each day once.

~ Lianne